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Category “Design”

Andrei's Open Letter to Adobe

Posted Aug 29, 2006 in Design and Comments 2

Design By Fire’s Andrei Herasimchuk writes an open letter to Adobe to request the release of a set of core fonts to the general public for use in web browsers. I’d love to be able to specify Helvetica Neue for headlines and have a reasonable expectation that most users would see it, rather than a dingy knock-off like Arial.


Posted May 28, 2005 in Design Comments 1

Daring Fireball directed me to an interesting discussion on Apple’s Mail 2.0 interface design, specifically the new toolbar button icons. What struck me, and what moved me to comment on that post, was the almost total indifference to whether the new design was actually demonstrably better from a usability perspective, rather than an aesthetic one.

I’m a bit of an Apple fan. But many of their interface design decisions seem to be made on the basis of taste rather than research.

In any case, one of the commenters pointed out to me a good weblog on usability, called Apples to Oranges.

When bad design happens to good things

Posted Mar 09, 2005 in Design and Comments 0

Good grief, but the revamped Official Doctor Who website is a fly-blown piece of crap.

Dire flash anims and highly compressed JPEG backgrounds. Not good work, guys.

Photoshop Help weblog

Posted Dec 23, 2004 in Design Comments 0

Photoshop Help

Looks very nice.

Design Terminology

Posted Oct 26, 2004 in Design and Comments 0

The Newspaper Designer’s Handbook Glossary

TeX notes

Posted Jul 28, 2004 in Design Comments 0

Guide to LaTeX Documentation

On Opensword

Posted Jul 23, 2004 in Design Comments 0

Freeware graphics app developers for Mac OS X. Pixen is a nice pixel editor. RepTile is a cool-looking tile map editor. I’m really going to have to start writing my pixel-art rpg soon.

on the art of pixeling

Posted Jul 19, 2004 in Design Comments 0

I wish I’d had this when I was about 14. A guide to pixel art

The Icon Master

Posted Jun 01, 2004 in Design Comments 0

Great interview with Dave Brasgalla, Iconfactory master.

Not only does he still use a mouse to draw his icons, he uses a trackpad! I’m not worthy.

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