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Design Process on Android Posted Jul 22, 2012

Sebastiaan de With on the Herculean task of designing and testing an attractive app for the Android platform.

Overflow Image with vertical centering for Responsive Web Design Posted Nov 30, 2011

Fricking responsive images, how do they work?

Shape Type Posted Oct 30, 2011

From the people who brought you the Type Kerning game.

Tangle.JS Posted Oct 23, 2011

Clever way to add interactive calculations to a data-rich document.

Forge for Wordpress Theming Posted Oct 14, 2011

Nice development package that makes using SASS and CoffeeScript in Wordpress theme creation a breeze.

Nimbus Chameleon Posted Oct 13, 2011

A library to let designers style iOS application layouts in CSS rather than by using Interface Builder. Huge.

Why Aren't We Converting? Posted Oct 12, 2011

How to respond to a client when a good redesign doesn’t give the tangible results you’d expect.

Make Pixel Art! Posted Oct 11, 2011

Beta version of a web-based pixel art creation and sharing service. Very cute. (via

A Sociology of Steve Jobs Posted Oct 11, 2011

Kieran Healy lays down some cultural analysis.

iOS UI Patterns Site Posted Oct 11, 2011

Fantastic and elegantly designed gallery site.

Fluid Images Posted Apr 19, 2009

Fluid Images via Stopdesign.

grain edit · inspiration from vintage kids + rare graphic design books Posted Apr 05, 2008

grain edit · inspiration from vintage kids + rare graphic design books.

Lovely resource.

(Via Made in England by Gentlemen.)

17 Tips For Getting Bloggers To Write About You -- Cory Doctorow -- InformationWeek Posted Mar 14, 2008

17 Tips For Getting Bloggers To Write About You — Cory Doctorow — InformationWeek. Sane and sage advice from Cory Doctorow

(Via Making Light.)

10 Mistakes in Icon Design - TurboMilk Posted Feb 25, 2008

10 Mistakes in Icon Design - TurboMilk: "And so, here are the most commonly observed mistakes in icon design".

(Via Made by Elephant.)

Saturday, 16 February 2008 11:07 AM Posted Feb 16, 2008

KATI » Blog Archive » Computer Administrative Debris. Promising resource on design issues.

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