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More free accessibility and usability resources

Posted Jan 27, 2008 in Accessibility and Web Design Comments 0

Access by Design, via Smiley Cat

Background images on images

Posted Jul 25, 2004 in Web Design and Technology Comments 0

Here’s a simple trick that I don’t think I’ve seen elsewhere.

Say you have a series of thumbnails of a known size. You want to give them a fancy border effect but don’t want to waste a lot of time in Photoshop applying it to every one.

The simple answer is to create an image — larger than the original — that contains the border and its background. Then you simply apply that image as a background image with CSS (give it a “center center” position and sufficient padding) and bob’s your uncle.

First of the new

Posted Mar 03, 2004 in Meta and Web Design Comments 0

Hi folks.

This weblog is being powered by Dean Allen‘s Textpattern. It’s totally awesome.

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