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Category “Hope for the Future”

Something is Stirring

Posted Oct 01, 2011 in Hope for the Future Comments 1

Stay tuned for a tweaked design and a new plan for regular updates.

Ah, Textpattern, I’ve missed you so.

Support the relief efforts in Victoria

Posted Feb 11, 2009 in Meaningful Labor and Hope for the Future Comments 0

Sitepoint’s 5-for-1 sale, with all proceeds going to support the bush fire relief effort in Victoria, Australia.

An exceptionally worthy cause, but it only runs until Friday the 13th of February, 2009. Help out now!

On spam

Posted Jun 13, 2008 in Hope for the Future Comments 0

So I just cleaned up after my first ever spam attack. It wasn’t too bad; just a few comments advertising some rancid gewgaws. One day the slimy reprobates behind the IP address will drown in a foetid pool of their own inhuman waste, with the full knowledge that their every dream has become like ashes.

A new blog design is forthcoming

Posted Feb 09, 2008 in Hope for the Future Comments 0

Yeah, I’ve been starting to feel that the design that has served me well for so long has become stale and restrictive. It’s time, then, to have a radical re-think of this site’s design and purpose. Stay tuned.