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war diaries

Posted Apr 12, 2004 in Politics

The big blogging buzz right now is a Livejournal from a female soldier in Iraq—so big, in fact that no one is willing to link to her for fear that she’ll be found out and forced to pull it down. Here’s a sample.

When they update the list of soldiers killed in this war, one of them from this week will be from my unit. He died on Sunday, the victim of a car crash. It was his first week. We had the service today, and what I remember distinctly is thinking that it was a great advertisement for the seperation of church and state.

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Comment by Hass at 28 April, 12:29 pm

Came here via Textpattern, beautiful design! Re: this soldier, how cool that everyone is respecting her situation.

Comment by Hass at 28 April, 01:51 pm

I think I have a fix for IE, check the Textpattern forum, “Let’s see yours”...Cheers.

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