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PNG Graphics Tip

Posted Jul 13, 2008 in Web Design

I’m starting to get into using 24-bit PNG files more and more, though I’m reluctant to use large-dimension images in this format as their file sizes tend to balloon. However, it’s hard to resist the charm of a logo that can be seamlessly matted over just about any kind of background.

One trick — which works best with mostly flat-coloured logos — that I’ve discovered is to posterise the logo with Photoshop before rendering out to a transparent PNG. Posterise discards colour information from the file — most people set the intensity level quite high, which results in a visible banding through the image. I’d take that down to about 7-9, which preserves the integrity of the image but makes the colour range more managable. I’ve seen file sizes halve without any serious image degradation.

Here’s a close-up crop of a before-and-after posterise treatment. Can you can spot a substantial difference?

Illustration of the before and after effects of the Posterise command

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Comment by Aleks Bochniak at 20 August, 11:20 am

Good tip Nick. I assume the ‘after’ sample is the one on the bottom, which looks a lot more defined and readable.

Comment by Nick Caldwell at 20 August, 12:31 pm

Yep, the second one is “after”. And you’re right, it does improve the contrast on the text a little.

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